Cookie Dough


Cookie Dough

Oreo Cookie Delight

Try our Oreo Cookie Dough Delight: a heavenly mix of crunchy Oreo cookies and velvety cookie dough with rich chocolate cookie crumbs..

Chocolate Hazelnut (v)

Indulge in our Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie Dough: smooth chocolate dough with crunchy hazelnuts..

Strawberry Delight (v)

Indulge in our Chocolate Strawberry Cookie Dough: a fusion of chocolate cookie dough and fresh strawberry sweetness.

Sticky Banoffee (v)

Indulge in our Sticky Banoffee Cookie Dough: a velvety cookie dough infused with rich caramel toffee and natural ripe banana sweetness.

Biscoff (v)

A perfect combination of smooth and spiced cookie dough with the iconic taste of Lotus Biscoff’s unique caramelized notes.

Vegan items are extra £1
All items on the menu are subject to availability