Dreamy Maple (v)

Drizzled with a generous serving of velvety and luscious maple syrup

Nutella Overload (v)

Indulge in our Nutella Overload, coated in velvety Nutella for a symphony of hazelnut bliss. Nutella lovers, get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Banoffee Bliss (v)

Indulge in our Banoffee Bliss: the perfect combination of banana and toffee flavours! With its creamy texture and natural sweetness, this dessert is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Lotus Biscoff (v)

Enjoy our Lotus Biscoff Delight: heavenly treats with the iconic caramelized crunch of Lotus Biscoff cookies, expertly blended into every layer.

Strawberry Delight (v)

Savour the sweet, juicy flavour of strawberries blended with rich chocolate for a delightful treat.


Indulge in our Kinder creations, a delicious blend of creamy milk chocolate and smooth hazelnut that creates a perfect symphony of flavours in every bite.

Oreo Surprise

Try our Oreo Surprise: crispy, creamy, chocolatey goodness with a sweet centre. Discover rich, creamy Oreo sauce in every bite.


Indulge in childhood nostalgia with our Bubblegum sauce, Candy Floss drizzle, rainbow sprinkles, and marshmallow-topped sweet treat.

Vegan items are extra £1
All items on the menu are subject to availability